PulPars now available in the global markets

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PulPars now available in the global markets

Pars Paper’s members of the board hold a meeting at Tehran’s office in July 22, 2015 to discuss quality and quantity of products and their export. Firstly, the CEO presented a general report of production and sales to the members of the board and declared that the production has increased up to 80% and the quality has been significantly enhanced.

Furthermore, thanks to proper management and qualified experts, the company has produced some new products. For the first time in the history of Pars Paper, the commercial department has managed to export the products such as bleached and unbleached bagasse pulp to the following countries: China, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, India

There was not any export, before which indicates the efforts of the international commercial department. At the end, the chairman of the board and the other members expressed gratitude to the CEO and the other managers. They also approved the CEO’s 6-month plan for increase of production and export.

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